After completing the verification steps on ExenPay, you could deposit and withdraw money or spend your balance via QR Code payments.

You could enjoy rebates or discounts through campaigns at ExenPay mobile app.

You can top up your ExenPay wallet up to 250,000 TRY.

You can deposit/withdraw funds to/from your ExenPay wallet 24/7.

You can top up your account through wire transfers. All you need to do is wire the transaction to the IBAN address given through the app with the explanatory description.

If you are having problems with the top up process, feel free to reach us at 0(850) 255 18 77

You can send money to non ExenPay users by just using only the recipient's phone number. Recipients can use the funds if they create an account on ExenPay. If the recipient does not create an account, funds will be returned back to your account.

If the user without an ExenPay account does not open an ExenPay wallet within 72 hours after you send money, the money you sent will be refunded to you.

You can easily withdraw your funds to your own bank account from your verified ExenPay account.

To change your registered mobile phone number, all you have to do is contact our support team. You can contact us via [email protected]

You can designate more than one bank account to your ExenPay wallet as long as the accounts are in your own name.

ExenPay runs it operations through “Sipay Electronic Cash and Payment Systems Company” whitelabel infrastructure.